What is Foreign Global Employment Outsourcing? (GEO) Go Global With Confidence – Global Contingent Workforce Go Global With Confidence– Global Contingent Workforce When U.S. companies begin to expand into the global economy, they often need to employee local talent from the various company’s locations in other foreign countries. Foreign outsourcing can include a workforce of nationals, using U.S citizens to transfer into international facilities, and utilizing your valued employees employed in other facilities, like in the U.S. via digital devices and even working from home, technologically connecting with the foreign-based company facilities. With the use of a third party employer for your global projects and business expansion, you will not need to invest additional time or cost for investigation and incorporation of each foreign country’s local labor laws and taxation requirements, wherever you are operating your business. Sequensant provides critical and accurate information about the legal, tax, and employment regulations, and assists you in performing those responsibilities for each country. In fact we become the employer of record in those countries. What are the latest Advantages in using Employer of Record Models? The Employer of Record, (EOR) models that we o=er, streamline your global business because we know the questions that must be asked, the documentation that your company will need for each country,as well as our information pipeline receives advanced notice for any changing legislation that could impact your business. We o=er direct access to “Boots on the ground”. We will also streamline your international expansion. The monthly charge we include in your contract is all-inclusive so you get no surprises. Go Global With Confidence – Global Contingent Workforce Go Global With Confidence– Global Contingent Workforce Employer of Record is the legitimate option in most non-US countries. Having Sequensant maintain all employee remuneration packages and benefits keeps your monthly compliance records, SSI, employee payroll and benefits,and insurance up-to-date. You benefit from our local expertise and our transparency, with a predictable monthly fee. Overview – Moving Forward Some of the most anticipated, lucrative global areas for investment in financial employment opportunities in the world currently include Zurich,Switzerland Paris,France Frankfurt, Germany Jersey,London, Guernsey,and Glasgow in the UK Cypress, Greece Global Human Capital Trends for 2016 How are today’s new organizations intentionally designed to be productively di=erent, to act as the powerful force required to change the workforce landscape? Are we creating and responding to talent challenges? Do we have potential solutions? Are current PAYROLL functions, and the dynamics of our organization able to service the radically diverse enterprise environments in comparison to past corporate objectives faced by earlier corporation thought leaders? Go Global With Confidence – Global Contingent Workforce Go Global With Confidence– Global Contingent Workforce We have learned our diverse strategies through development we generated from collaborative information generated by massive global research projects. For an example, those provided by the tremendous e=orts of research generated by companies like Deloitte Consulting LLP. Many solutions we have are a result of what we learned from global research collaboration on how to cultivate traits of worker/employee passion within your workforce. We can develop the supportive resilience that will withstand disruptions and continuous market challenges while realizing sustained performance gains. Services Offered by Sequensant Yes, the solutions and services o=ered by Sequensant have gained unsurpassed respect for the solutions they o=er because they consistently tailor their global employment and payroll strategies to exceed demands ahead of world trends. Our leadership pipeline introduces new concepts applicable to an altered employer-employee relationship focus. We are aware that the new media and constant communications available to global societies has opened a new scrutiny of business practices and are reshaping the regulatory environment almost on a daily basis. Technically Advanced Services Go Global With Confidence – Global Contingent Workforce Go Global With Confidence– Global Contingent Workforce Global corporations are facing “license to grow” and “license to operate” restructuring at a pace they just cannot keep up with. Services we have developed over the past 25 years at Sequensant offer best practice solutions in Employer of Record Contractor Payroll International Health Insurance International Remittance HR System of record Mitigation of Co-Employment Risk Visa Services Invoicing Services International Compliance Checking Outsourced Payroll Administration Money Movement Dashboarding HR Workforce Analytics Our International Specialist Teams are highly qualified and experienced in ensuring that all international assignments are safe, profitable, and provide comfort for your sta= away from home during domestic or international short-term and moderately longer term global projects. We o=er fully compliant, single point of contact outsource employment strategies, including specialized international invoicing service. For an example, our contractor payroll service includes umbrella services. We Simplify your Financial & Tax Record Keeping Go Global With Confidence – Global Contingent Workforce Go Global With Confidence– Global Contingent Workforce In keeping relevant with tax legislation compliance standards for internationally variable tax laws for working abroad, we provide a mechanism for making all income tax payments, employee payroll, prompt monthly salaries to you as the contractor, including reimbursable expenses, company insurance coverage, and social security deductions sent to the appropriate authorities. Plus, your company receives monthly earnings statements listing all payments made and everyone’s monthly deductions to date. Our reliable updates of current free information about taxation guidelines, Social costs, working visa and permit requirements and changes, with general information on all countries where Sequensant offers full services and upon your request, other countries your corporation may be interested in as well. Our Human Resources Provide Engaged Talent Because the technological landscape of every physical workplace is disrupting existing workforce models, employers rely on our services to add fexibility, agility, and increased sustainability that creates a more engaged workforce in a rapidly changing environment. Our PAYROLL trained chief employee officers are using smart technologies to surpass global competition for the premium talent needed to fill in every gap. We will keep your leadership pipeline up-to-date with worldwide decisions that may impact your industry. Recently, we reported on topics like Germany’s recent adoption of EU pension plans,Switzerland courts rejecting the Dutch requisition of Administrative Assistance, and the 2016 UK budget attack on remuneration loans. Go Global With Confidence – Global Contingent Workforce Go Global With Confidence– Global Contingent Workforce If you have an interest in tailor-made compliance management, call our oIces at tell: +1 407-872-0888, or contact us through one of our international websites at https://www.sequensant.com. Source 2. https://dupress.com/articles/business-ecosystems-boundaries-businesstrends/ 3. https://www.sequensant.com/our-locations 4. https://www.sequensant.com/compliance-checking 5. https://dupress.com/articles/human-capital-trends-introduction/ 6. https://www.sequensantcom/international-peo-employer-of-record 7. https://dupress.com/articles/worker-passion-employee-behavior/ 8. https://dupress.com/articles/business-ecosystems-boundaries-businesstrends/